Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most about our hacks and services

We have operating on the Darkweb since 2010 but came to the Surface Web due to the fact that our services were massively on demand and not every one could access the Darkweb so easily, we decided to move to the Surface Web in 2014.

We offer Bank Transfer Hack, PayPal Hack, ATM Machine Hacks, Western Union Hack, Electronic/Merchandise Shipping, Airline Booking, Sales of Fullz (Full Info Cards, Tax/Credit Job (Referral Only)...and Many others you can find on our "Our Services" page.

We do not condone Time Wasters, Bargining (For Newer Clients), Filthy Languages, Spamming or Advertising on our site as this is meant only for Strictly Business and nothing more.

  1. $500 For $5,000 (Bank Hack)
  2. $350 For $4,000 (Western Union Hack)
  3. $300 For $4,000 (PayPal/Skrill Hack)
  1. All hacks have to be paid for before they can be done. The money required for each hack is meant for Purchase of the Exchange logs that would be used in carrying out the hack. Therefore, it is a must that you pay the required fee!

Maximum Amount for dealing totally depends on factors like the Countries/Territories, Banks, Bank Accounts etc. We do not do multiple transfer to more that one receiver name.

Yes, We use an intermediary who we make the Transfer to and then relays it to the Client to ensure save and clean delivery. This ensures the client receives shipped items or funds even from your doorstep.

  • Western Union Hack: 30mins to 1hr (After confirmation of Payment)
  • Bank Transfer: 1 - 2 Business Days (After confirmation of Payment)
  • Shipped Goods: 1-2 Business Days (After confirmation of Payment) PS: Tracking link is sent within 20mins
  • Blank ATMs: 1-2 Business Days (After confirmation of Payment) PS: Tracking link is sent within 20mins
  • Fullz: 25mins (After confirmation of Payment)
  • Airline Booking: 25mins (After confirmation of Payment)

We accept payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, CAshApp, Zelle, Venmo, Chime P2P and Bitcoins. For Clients in Blacklisted Countries, Contact Us.

We are an independent Company and only operate through this website and also use one handle for Communication which is:

Email: [email protected]

Hangout: [email protected] 

We do already have a number of Associates that we deal with on a regular & percentage basis. To be considered, you must have transacted with us at least 15 times and then you can request for this option.