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Are your Coins Missing or Unavailable?

Have you accidentally transferred your bitcoin to an invalid address? Did your bitcoins not arrive at the receiver’s address? Have you forgotten your password, or only remember some of it? Is your private key no longer working? Is your wallet “watch only”? Did your mobile phone break, is your computer not starting, or does your storage have a defect (USB drive, hard disk, etc.) and your Bitcoins are gone?Does your wallet software have a defect, have you deleted data accidentally, or is your system infected by a virus? Did you transfer bitcoin cash to a bitcoin wallet or vice versa, and are you not able to access your funds anymore?


We Could Help In Recovering your Bitcoins

Our team consists of experienced blockchain experts and we are specialized in data recovery of crypto coins such as Bitcoins, Etherium, Litecoin, Dash, and others. As the leading specialists for professional recovery of Bitcoins, we apply the latest recovery technologies and forensic analysis tools to restore your data. We have years of experience recovering lost data, and we are specialized in digital wallets and crypto coins.

So how do We Help?

We will do our absolute best to recover your Bitcoin wallet and restore your private Bitcoin key. For hardware problems, we can access your computer via remote access or you can send us the storage medium or computer.

Price List

card code typebalance
For Analyzing Hardware0.03BTC
On Successful Recovery, the Following Applies:
Below 5 BTC20%
5 BTC and Above15%
15 BTC and Above5%
50 BTC and Above5%

thats not all

Our Other Services

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Comments & Questions?

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24 Replies to “Recover Crypto”

  1. Am so excited and satisfied with your services, I received my card few hours ago and I have tried it and it worked. Indeed am going to tell the world about your services because that what I promised you guys.

  2. Wow, I just got home, i truly get the card worked, I just got my first withdrawal of $20,000 .. you guys are truly genuine thanks ..Am so excited

  3. hello Fabulous
    The blank Atm card has being delivered to me, i had to test it immediately and it gave me $20,000 it worked. thanks alot.

  4. Can anyone here inform me is it work or not? anyone whoever try this service, because for know i really need financial support,

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